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Virginia Diner Butter Toasted Peanuts Can 10oz
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Health Benefits of TEA
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Health Benefits of Tea Health Benefits of Tea
Health Benefits of Drinking TEA

Did you know?

All tea comes from the "Camellia sinensis", an evergreen shrub that may grow up to 60 feet in the wild. When cultivated for harvest the tea bushes are kept to a height of about three feet. There are over 3000 varieties of tea each with its own specific characteristics. The naming and growing of teas has many similarities to wine. Just as Bordeaux wine is named after the Bordeaux region in France, Assam is named after the Assam region in India, and Keemun is named after the Keemun region of China. Like wine, tea comes from one bush, and where the tea is grown, the climate, soil conditions, and how the tea is processed, determines the flavor characteristics of the tea.

Tea is harvested after each flush - the sprouting of the top two leaves and bud. The top two leaves and bud are hand plucked and then processed into any of the four types of tea, which are Black, Green, Oolong, and White.

  • Black tea is withered, fully oxidized and dried. Black tea yields a hearty, amber-colored brew. Some of the popular black teas include English Breakfast, and Darjeeling.
  • Green tea skips the oxidizing step. It is simply withered and then dried. It has a more delicate taste and is pale green / golden in color.
  • Oolong tea popular in China, is withered, partially oxidized, and dried. Oolong is a cross between black and green tea in color and taste.
  • White tea is the least processed. A very rare tea from China, White tea is not oxidized or rolled, but simply withered and dried by steaming.
  • Tea is not to be confused with "herbal teas". Herbal teas are packaged like tea, infused like tea, and enjoyed like tea, however the herbs do not come from the camellia sinensis bush and therefore are not teas. Herbal teas are made of grasses like lemongrass, barks like cinnamon, fruits like orange peel, flowers like chamomile and hibiscus, and many other botanicals.

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    01.Specially Selected Regular Roasted Ground Coffee 1.5lbs/500g
    02.StoneMill Essentials Spices and Seasonings Assortment
    03.Choceur Hot Chocolate Instant Drink Mix 1oz (10ct)
    04.Oggi Stainless Steel Infuser Stick (For Loose/Leaf Tea)
    05.Mint Brook Meadows Peppermint & Spearmint Tea (20ct)
    06.Mint Brook Meadows Russian Spiced Tea (20ct)
    07.Raspberry Chai - Chai Tea Blends Frappe Mix 3.5 Lb Bag
    08.Caramel Chai - Chai Tea Blends Frappe Mix 3.5 Lb Bag
    09.Chocolate Chai - Chai Tea Blends Frappe Mix 3.5 Lb Bag
    10.Glass Water Kettle with cool Handle (59 oz)
    11.Harringtons Cappuccino White Chocolate 5lb (2 Cases)
    12.Key Lime EZ Squeeze Pak 2lb (12 ct) - Pie Filling
    13.Rooibos Tea Blend Flavored Roasted Almond 2.2lbs
    14.Vanilla Chai - Chai Tea Blends Frappe Mix 3.5 Lb Bag
    15.Baru Drinking Powder: Chocolate Chai Latte w/ chocolate figurine
    16.Black Tea Blend Flavored Caramel 2.2lbs
    17.Black Tea Blend Flavored Crannyberry 2.2lbs
    18.Black Tea Blend Flavored Orange Cookie 2.2lbs
    19.Bobs Red Mill French Green Lentils 24oz (4 Bags)
    20.Bobs Red Mill Mung Beans 27oz (4 Bags)
    21.Brachs Maple Nut Goodies 7 oz (12 Bags)
    22.Chai Latte - Chai Tea Blends Frappe Mix 3.5 Lb Bag
    23.Choceur Milk Chocolate with Roasted Hazelnuts Bar 200g
    24.Creme Blends Frappe Mix - Belgian Hot Chocolate (3.5 Lb Bag)
    25.Creme Blends Frappe Mix - Cake Batter (3.5 Lb Bag)
    26.Creme Blends Frappe Mix - Caramel Salted Pretzel (3.5 Lb Bag)
    27.Creme Blends Frappe Mix - Mint Green Tea Chocolate Chip (3.5 Lb
    28.Creme Blends Frappe Mix - Pecan Praline (3.5 Lb Bag)
    29.Deutsche Kuche Pound cake - Lemon 400g (14.1 oz)
    30.Deutsche Kuche Pound cake - Marble 400g (14.1 oz)
    31.Deutsche Kuche Pound cake - Marzipan 400g (14.1 oz)
    32.Dolcetto lemon Wafer Rolls 12oz
    33.Edora Spices for Chops & Cutlets (Schnitzel) 3.5 OZ (10 ct)
    34.Flavored Rooibos Tea Berry Heart (Blueberry/Raspberry) 2.2lbs
    35.Flavored Rooibos Tea Blend Raspberry/Rhubarb 2.2lbs
    36.Godiva Breakfast Blend Coffee 10oz Ground (6 Bags)
    37.Godiva Chocolate Pearls - Dark Chocolate 1.5oz (18 ct)
    38.Green Mountain Ground Coffee Pumpkin Spice 10oz
    39.Green Rooibos Blend Flavored Punch (Passion Fruit) 2.2lbs
    40.Green Tea Blend Flavored Tea on the Beach (Acerola/Cherry/Pine.)
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    Harringtons Brown's Best Yellow Split Peas 50lb
    Harringtons Brown's Best Yellow Split Peas 50lb
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    StoneMill Essentials Spices and Seasonings Assortment
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